Are you ready to launch or grow a kick-ass biz?

You want your customer to understand what you’re offering, and to come to you rather than continuing the cycle of seeking them out. Creative entrepreneurs can earn more and work with better clients because their website and branding position them as an expert that is worth the investment.

Who am I and what do I do for other lady biz owners?

I am Chloe Lamplugh, a web designer and tech VA helping creative entrepreneurs find greater success online through beautiful digital content. After launching my own biz, my website allowed me to attract my ideal clients and replace my income within two weeks.

Your business can be sustainable, scalable, and dependable.

I specialise in creating online presences and graphics for businesses that are modern and beautiful. You’ll find greater growth because your business will be both high-end and shareable.

A 5-second introduction

I am Chloe Lamplugh, a Software Engineering and Commerce student from Australia with a passion for collaborating with creative biz owners and enabling women to support themselves without being employed by others. I specialise in WordPress development.

Get stock photos for your business FREE

As a small-business owner, particularly in the beginning, being able to get professional, modern, brand-specific images was crucial. However, there was no way I could have paid for customised product photography, mockups or branding shots. I needed free images, just...

The Hosting Provider I Use as a Web Developer

One of the most common questions a web developer answers is "What hosting provider should I use?". Whether it's assisting a client to improve their loading speeds, site uptime, functionality, or simply finding one that does what it promises, I'm often suggesting a...

Trello for business

First up: what is Trello? From me: Trello is a game-changing project management/task management/life management/EVERYTHING management system. It keeps my business, ideas, jobs, clients, and WHOLE LIFE managed. From Trello’s site: Trello is a collaboration tool that...